Friday, August 27, 2010


We have been one crazy family the last month. Riley started 3rd grade and loves school. Riley has also started pop warner football which is intense and very time consuming, between that and our daily stuff we are busy allday everyday. But a good busy :) Ryan is in his last session of swimming lessons and is a fish in the water. He loves to swim. Other then that sadly nothing else has been going on just keeping up with the boys activities and some family time.

Family photo- were all smiling. I LOVE IT!


I had a birthday this month and my wonderful, brilliant, funny, kind and loving sister got this beautiful necklace for me. It's my favorite because anything that has to do with my boys is amazing. Thanks Aung I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ryan loves CHEESE. He'll wake up in the morning and ask for cheese, and then asks all day long till he gets his beloved CHEESE. Just a picture of how much he LOVES his CHEESE!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ryan's 2!

It's hard to believe but my baby has officially hit toddler year, he's 2! Ryan Jeffrey Fisk is such an amazing 2 year olds. He is so kind, sweet, loves to SWIM, still loves paci, love cheese(shells and cheese) loves his big brother and the whole family. Were so blessed to be able to have 2 wonderful boys. As every year passes it's going to get harder for me because he is my last baby. Im so happy I have him and he is a joy to the family. Love you RYAN!

Stats: 24 lbs, 34 1/2in tall

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been horrible with updating my blog, its been crazy around here. We are all doing good. Riley is in his last 2 weeks of school then he's off for the summer *yikes*! It will be great to have him home, we will be swimming alot this summer.

Ryan is getting big almost 2 where did my baby go?! He is doing so good. He started swimming lessons the beginning of June. The 1st week he just screamed his head off, now he is a fish in the water. He's the 1st one in the water and the last one out. I'm excited to take him to the pool for the summer.

Craig is going to be starting his new job the end of this month at Southwest Airlines!!!! We are so happy for him to have gotten the job and to start a career with a great company, not to mention that we FLY FREE! Oh do I have lots of places I AM going to visit sometime. When Riley heard that Craig got the he was so happy he started mapping put the places he'd like to go visit New York being #1. What a smart kid.
Hope everyone is doing well and ready for the summer heat :-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Just a few pictures of the boys. We went to the zoo today and Ryan was not the happiest camper there but his big brother took such good care of him.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is our new addition to the family, Bella. She is a 10 week old Rottweiler. She has the best personality and does great with Ryan and follows Riley all around the house. She a great new addiotion.

Vroom Vroom

Riley got invited to a birthday party for one of his school friends at the race track. He was so excited to go but a little nervous as it was going to be his 1st time riding his dirt bike out at the track. He did great!

Go speed racer!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


My handsome little 1 year old came into our bedroom the other day climbed up in the computer chair saw the screen saver I had on the computer and was like it the most sincere voice "mama", "dada", "brother". Oh my heart just instantly melted. So sweet!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

18 months old!

Well it's hard to believe that my baby is 18 months old. He is growing so quickly and its amazing. He is into his blanket (big time) and he calls it gee. He is still in love with his paci ans we are NOT allowed to leave the house without the 2 of those things.
He is wanting to be outside all the time. During that day ill take him out there for a little bit but then he knows as soon as brother gets home from school that he can go out there. The boys have been out there up to 2 hours a day. The weather has been in the 70's so there loving it out there (as am I)! My baby is growing up quickly and has a great personality.

*24 lbs., 31 in long, and 191/2 cm for his head.*

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas. The boys enjoyed all there toys. This year we were looking for more practical gifts so we decided to do outdoor toys (it was a great idea). They got a trampoline from Santa, Basketball Hoop from Grandma and Kelly, Swing Set from Grandpa and Carol and an outdoor table from Pa and Nana. It was a great year :-)