Monday, November 16, 2009

Riley is "8"

Riley Craig Fisk is 8 years old. What a hard thing to believe that he is 8 years old. I remember the day I had him to every last detail. He had his birthday party at the Freestone Park so he can invite his school friends this year. He had a sports themed party. It was a blast. Riley wanted to have a kickball tournament with the kids vs. the parents. It was so FUN! We had a great party.

The night of his actual birthday he wanted to go to dinner at AH-SO! It a Tepinaykii type restaurant where they cook in front you. We were joined by my Mom, Aundrea, Josh and Mary. It was so fun. They do cool tricks while they are cooking in front of you and the food is DELICIOUS!!!!! Overall it was a great birthday and I'm so happy to have such a great son.
Love you Riley!!!!!!!! His football cake (thanks nana)
Opening up his gift from mom, dad and ryan
it's a remote control car.
Riley and his toys!
Riley wanted this really fast remote control car foe his birthday, so his daddy( that wants one as well) was all happy when he heard that and went out and bought it immediately. The boys go out and play with that car all time. Im glad he likes it.
Riley's Stats: 74 lbs., 52 1/2 feet tall

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween! I know once again I'm a little behind but its best to be late then never. We had a wonderful Halloween. Riley dressed up as a zombie rocker and Ryan was a baby devil. We went over to the Steph and Pete's house to have dinner and trick or treat in the neighborhood. The boys had a blast and the whether was great. Hope everyone enjoyed there Halloween!
Baby devil (Ryan) Zombie Rocker (Riley)
Trick or treating! He got pushed in the stroller.

Zombie trick or treating (Riley)

Pumpkins 2009

Ive been really bad on my post. We have been busy around here and it has totally passed my mind. We had a good month of October. There are 3 birthdays on Craig's side. We had many birthday parties and then getting ready for Halloween. We went to the pumpkin patch and let the boys pick out a pumpkin they liked. Riley got a medium size one and Ryan got a baby one. We came home got a pizza and started carving away with Aundrea and Josh. Riley was all in to pulling out he seeds but of course he picked the most carving in the book so Craig had to do the carving. Since he didn't get to carve his and Ryan is to little for a nap Riley got to carve Ryan's all on his own. He didn't want to use a stencil and just free handed the face. It turned out great and he had a blast.
Ryan's pumpkin (Riley carved)

Ryan pulling out the seeds wasn't very interested!
Riley and Craig pulling out the pumpkin seeds.
Well the boys, Ryan didnt want to be held still
Riley's pumkin
Ryan's Pumpkin