Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ryan sitting in the lodge ready for a nap.

Yesterday we went up to Sunrise to do some snowboarding. It was Me, Craig, Riley, Ryan, Aundrea, Maggie and my dad. My dad cme and picked us up at 4:30 in the am and we were on our way up to Sunrise. It was chilly up there. The roads were covered with snow once we had passed through Payson. We got up to Sunrise around 9 a.m. We were going to put Riley and Maggie in the 90 min. snowbaording class but at 9 a.m. they were selling tickets for the 1:30 class so we decided to not sign them up. Aundreas has been snowboarding plenty of times ans is good so she decided she would give the kids plus Craig a few pointers. They got all gearded up and went down the bunny hill. It was Riley's first time, Maggie went a little last year and Craig had not tried since he was about 12. Maggie went first and did extremely well. Riley went and did very good. Craig went on fell on his butt instantly. Riley had never done it again and gets vert irritated easily so i was a little worried but he did great and wa ready o do it again. They went down the bunny hill one more time. After that they decided to go midway up the mountain. I was shocked to see RIley going up that tall and long ski lift but he was ready. Ryan And I as well as Grandpa went up to the lodge while they did that. Ryan was such a good boy the whole time :)
So they had gone down the big hill and Riley did great. Maggie was cruising the whole time down. Craig didn't do so well. He did a few summersalts down the hill then decided he couldn't do it anymore and walked down half the mountain. I wish I could have seen that. The day was really fun and Riley has found his new sport he loves so we will be making a few more trips up there this season.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Too long

He is getting so big.

He needs a haircut but still handsome

You know your baby is getting big when he can hold his bottle :(

They were matching.

So it's been a while since i've posted. It has been crazy with christmas coming up i've been trying to get everything done. We will be having a busy Christmas but always fun. Riley is so excited and he has asked santa for a Nintendo WII which grandpa got for him (thanks dad). So craig and I gor him the Guitar hero to go with it. I can't wait for him to get it on Christmas Day.

We took Ryan to his GI appointment on Thursday which went well it was hard to see him strapped down but he was so good. The doctor doing the test said he didn't see anything wrong with his anatomy so that was good and yesterday i got a call for the doctor office confirming that. We are so happy we won't need to pursue anything else with that we will just have a small baby:)

We are looking forward to Christmas and post after that. Everyone have a Merry Christmas!