Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Been a while

Riley and Ryans finished Easter Eggs.

Riley decorating his Egg.

Ryan decorating his Egg.

My 9 month old baby!

I have been very bad with posting. It's been crazy busy and I just forgot to do it. There has been alot going on since I posted last. Where to begin. First thing first my baby boy turned 9 months old on April 9th. I can't believe it he'll be 1 before I know it:-(

We had a nice Easter. The boys decorated there Easter Eggs and then the Easter bunny came and gave the boys realistic toys this year. Riley got a Sno Cone Machine which he loves. Ryan is in to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and got bath toys and a Mickey Mouse.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well my big baby boy Riley started t-ball this week. I was anxious to sign him up for a few reasons the first anyone who now's Riley now's he is very good and not doing anything he dosn't want to do and then t-ball is 5-7 years old and Riley is 7 so I was afraid he was going to be the oldest and tallest. Well much to my surprise he is loving it and there is one other kid on his team that is the same age and even a little taller. He has had practice 2 times this week and they start there games next Monday. He is getting excited. He was the first one to practice on Monday so he got the number 1! Lucky number. He was really excited.