Saturday, June 27, 2009


The family!
Ryan loved playing in the grass.

Aunt Aung and Ryan!
(yes he did go down the hill)

Avery and Nana!

Mayci and Kelli.
Well for those that are from AZ most likely know and have been ice blocking before. It's so much fun and something we use to do when I was growing up. I wanted to go so we went and Kelli, Mayci, Avery, Nana and Pa joined us. This was everyone's first time except mine and aung. We went to Discovery Park in Gilbert. What a blast we had. Riley would go down the hill so quickly and was having a blast.Craig did it also and by my thought he actually really enjoyed it. Avery really enjoyed it and he would go down with whoever would take him he didn't want to stop. Ryan and Mayci were crawling/walking up the hill and down enjoying being outdoors. Nana went on the ice block mostly with Avery. Pa didn't want to try it :-(! Aung and I really enjoy it and it reminded us so much of when we were younger. Overall a great time and can't wait to go again!
*Garza's your coming next time!!!*

Thursday, June 4, 2009


My baby boy has accomplished crawling finally at 10 months old :-(. Now that he is all over the place why did I ever wish he would crawl. He does not sit still at all. He is now starting to pull up on the couch and in his crib.

I have really fallen off the bloging wagon. Summer has began. Riley is out of 1st grade for the summer and we have been swimming while keeping busy and trying to stay cool. We have been going to an Aquatic Center in Chandler once a week with cousins and friends. It's really fun they have 2 slides, a lazy river, zero depth pool(which Ryan loves), diving board, and a whirlpool. Riley has a blast there and it keeps us cool.