Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been horrible with updating my blog, its been crazy around here. We are all doing good. Riley is in his last 2 weeks of school then he's off for the summer *yikes*! It will be great to have him home, we will be swimming alot this summer.

Ryan is getting big almost 2 where did my baby go?! He is doing so good. He started swimming lessons the beginning of June. The 1st week he just screamed his head off, now he is a fish in the water. He's the 1st one in the water and the last one out. I'm excited to take him to the pool for the summer.

Craig is going to be starting his new job the end of this month at Southwest Airlines!!!! We are so happy for him to have gotten the job and to start a career with a great company, not to mention that we FLY FREE! Oh do I have lots of places I AM going to visit sometime. When Riley heard that Craig got the he was so happy he started mapping put the places he'd like to go visit New York being #1. What a smart kid.
Hope everyone is doing well and ready for the summer heat :-)