Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Break

We had a wonderful fall break. Riley was off of school the last week. We enjoyed him being home to do stuff and he enjoyed being able to sleep in. We had quite the busy week. We went to the zoo with all the cousins, went ice blocking and Riley, mom and dad went goofy golfing, dinner and go-karts. We had a busy week but a fun week.
Ryan enjoyed having his brother home to play with. Ryan has not been a very happy baby the past few weeks. We are once again dealing with ear infectins. We are "finally" heading back to his ENT this wednesday. Hope its good news.
Overall a great week and im happy that he is back in school this week :-)

Here are a few pictures.

Splash pad at the Zoo.

Tired Riley.

Ryan was so fascinated that he was able to be that close to the goats.


Riley on the spider webs.

*nothing better*

Friday, October 9, 2009

15 months old!

Ryan has had another milestone. He is 15 months old. He has accomplished so much in his 15 months.
* He loves to walk everywhere, loves paci, copies everything his brother does, hates to be cuddled, hes a mamma's boy(i have to have 1),eats everything he can, hates using a fork.

15 months old!
Big Boy

He has finally been moved out of his high chair into a booster seat at the big table. He loves sitting at the table with us. He sits next to his big brother and just eats away like a big boy.
His stats at the doctor today were 22.8 lbs (25%), 31 in. long (50%) and 30 for the head (95%). He is healthy and happy. We love you Ryan!