Friday, August 27, 2010


We have been one crazy family the last month. Riley started 3rd grade and loves school. Riley has also started pop warner football which is intense and very time consuming, between that and our daily stuff we are busy allday everyday. But a good busy :) Ryan is in his last session of swimming lessons and is a fish in the water. He loves to swim. Other then that sadly nothing else has been going on just keeping up with the boys activities and some family time.

Family photo- were all smiling. I LOVE IT!


I had a birthday this month and my wonderful, brilliant, funny, kind and loving sister got this beautiful necklace for me. It's my favorite because anything that has to do with my boys is amazing. Thanks Aung I LOVE YOU!

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bailey michael said...

I love the family pictures! perfect! love the necklace too! miss you, we need to get together.