Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Had to post...

Just Born
So cute and innocent

If you look close enough you can see his club foot.

Today I was packing up some of my room and came upon some pictures of Riley when he was a baby and around 2 years old. How quick they grow and how much you forget things they would do at a younger age. Wanted to share some pics.

Here are some pics.

Here are just some pics from the last week. Nothing exciting. Riley is into posing all the time while the camera is on him. And Ryan is a cheese-ball the instant he sees the camera he gets a huge smurk on his face. So cute.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Long week...

We have been just hanging out around the house packing and cleaning. We are in the process of moving by the end of the month and It's a lot more preperation in the house were moving into then we had all expected. We have been there painting, cleaning and getting ready for new carpet. But on a good note we are super excited to be moving into a house were the boys will have a backyard and can play instead of on the sidewalk in the front of the apartment.

We had a nice Valentines Craig and I took the boys out to Texas Roadhouse. Riley as usual eat to much bread so when it came time to eat dinner he eat nothing and was hungry an hour later. Typical Riley. Ryan on the other hand had begun to think that's he's to old for baby food and wanted everything we were eating. He had some bread then Craig had gotten Green Beans for his side and Ryan had decided he wanted to eat them. He eat the whole cup full. Chubbers!

Riley has been doing very well in school and is starting to enjoy reading a lot more which is a great accomplishment for him. Were so proud of him. He has a party at school and was so cute to come home and show me all of the valentines he had gotten from school.

Ryan has begun sitting up on his own very good. He is now rolling from side to side but i definitely think he will be a late walker and crawler which is ok by me. How the times fly. My baby turned & months last Monday and it's so hard to believe he's 1/2 way to being ONE *tear*! He is getting bigger and a great baby!

This thing will not let me upload photos so i'll try later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting so big..

So today my baby has woken up with two bottom teeth. I can't believe it. He is getting so big. He is finally sitting up all on his own and now teeth! He is still tall, skinny and a big nogin. We had the Hospital nurse visit yesterday and she said he is develpoing very well and they couldn't be happier. Now the teeth have begun to pop through it's just a matter of time till he has a lot more. Love you Ryan.
Tried to get pictures of his teeth but c ouldn't get him to move his tounge. Another time.